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About Elizabeth Bolingbroke

Elizabeth Bolingbroke is a Homeware and Gift Retailer which specialises in bringing the best of new British Designers along with a collection of well known British brands.

We are passionate about supporting the Best of British and aim to source from British brands and manufactures.

We aim to bring our collection to you in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

About Us: About Us
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Our History

Elizabeth Bolingbroke was established in 2020. Inspired to find beautiful artisan products created within the British Isles.

We stock of the best loved luxury british brand and champion new british designers and creativity.

Most of all we are passionate about the promotion of wonderful multi-cultural society Britain and the UK is today.

About Us: About Us

Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Elizabeth Bolingbroke

As a family run business, we are always looking for new and initiative ways to conduct our business in a way that is sustainable for all of us for as long as possible.

Our Four Pillars

We have four sustainability and social responsibility pillars: People, Product, Packaging and Planet. These drive our commitment to doing more things more often to create long-lasting change, with the help of our suppliers, employees, and customers.


When all’s said and done, our success comes down to the magic of our people. Without their diversity, talent and support, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. It is these areas which will underpin our sustainability and legacy for innovation and creativity in the future.

Inclusion & Diversity

Talent of Tomorrow

Recognition & Celebration


At Elizabeth Bolingbroke we make and select the best possible products, and work hard to ensure that they are socially and ethically sourced. That’s a principle we honour across our entire business, from food to home. We champion the Best of British artisan products, seek out the finest materials and ingredients, and strive for sustainable production and quality at every turn.


We continue to challenge ourselves to rethink areas of our business where the packaging could work harder and smarter to reduce the impact on the environment.

We encourage our customers to recycle. For a comprehensive, jargon-free, practical guide on how you can recycle more and where you can recycle your waste, please visit


Decreasing our reliance on the planet’s resources has never been more critical. That’s why we’re putting our waste to good use, increasing our recycling facilities, and making every effort to help clean up the impact we make on the environment.

We aim to update you at the begining of 2022 on how far we have come and how we plan to continue to work towards our goals for the good of us all. 

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